All Natural Air Purifier

air purifier

Ever since I moved to L.A. air quality has become more of an issue for me. I suddenly became more aware of how furniture, paint, carpets, finishes, fabrics, and appliances off-gas and emit VOCs into our living spaces. I purchased a variety of moso bamboo charcoal items. Moso is a safe, non-toxic way to naturally absorb pollutants as it dehumidifies air. All you need to do is buy them, put them in your location of choice, and cleanse them once a month in the sun. Rest easy and breathe safely. Put one in your car, one in your closet, etc. Clean air is always in style. I really do notice a difference in air quality inside my home. My fav is Moso Natural. Please whatever you do, stay away from those toxic, gross air fresheners. I blog to inform you about an organic and healthy style of living. There’s plenty of information out there on the things I blog about. Do your research!

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