Non-toxic Sunscreen

non-toxic sunscreen

It’s taken me forever to find the perfect sunscreen. Suntegrity is my new obsession. I’m guilty of barely ever wearing sunscreen, but that’s all changed now that I discovered Suntegrity. I will only trust Zinc Oxide (non-nanoparticles) as a safe broad spectrum sunscreen. Of course there’s a bunch of totally organic oils that naturally contain sunscreen like almond oil, coconut oil, red raspberry seed oil, carrot oil, and olive oil, but the ‘5 in 1’ acts like a BB cream too so it’s a win for me. Try for yourself and let me know how you like it!

*Note: After posting this and doing some more research, I’m not sure how safe sunscreen like zinc oxide really is. I’m also unsure about tinted moisturizers and make-up in general (they all clog my pores and break me out). I do still use this product from time to time, but I think the best ways to protect yourself from the┬ásun are hats, shade, clothing, and limiting your time in the sun in general. I will post about this later.*

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