Your True Colors

If you want to start your journey to enlightenment, but you aren’t ready to dive right in and go to some crazy retreat center and have a shaman remove all your demons, while you vomit, cry, and are scared shitless that’s no problem, haha. It’s a lot to take on. Making small improvements to your home, diet, and lifestyle can be a great start. You can even start by simply changing your attire. That’s right, your clothing! How you dress has a major impact on how the world perceives you and also can have a transformational effect on your life.

The concept is simple. When you wear the colors and patterns that resonates with your inner and natural beauty, the world takes notice and sees you as being authentic. If you simply buy what is trending for the season, you just look like a robot and people don’t really see you. Wearing “your colors” will make you feel more in tune with your true self and people will respond better to you. For example, you know how everyone thinks that black is a universal color, well it’s not. Luckily black is in my color palette cause that’s all I wore for like 2 years, lol. I’ve always had a good fashion sense, but this whole concept is next level. I mean it’s pretty obvious that if you wear the same color as me, for example, it could look totally different on us.

I am a “Soft Winter.” You get classified by seasons. I’m not going to go into too much detail because I’m definitely not an expert on this. I’m sure you could do a little research online to see how your wardrobe lives up to this notion.

The investment can be steep, I believe I spent $1,750.00 on having my colors done as well as guidance on which logo to choose (I tried several logo designers and had over a dozen to choose from) and colors for my brand. I have heard of people who do it for less. I think in the long run I will save money since I won’t be buying colors that I am attracted to initially. I’m really curious about how this could relate to compatibility, like would I be attracted to another “Soft Winter” or would I be attracted to my opposite. I’ll ask her about this…

You can get your colors done at different stages in your life also; maybe you had a life changing year and it’s time to re-evaluate your wardrobe with new intentions. With Jennifer, you get a big binder that includes what styles work best for your body type, as well as which accessories are best for you. Also, you can bring in a bunch pieces and she will approve or reject. She’s pretty amazing, but check her out for yourself.
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Please mention that Moon referred you, so I get some credits. I need her help to clean out my closet!!

Thanks for reading!!

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