Organic Oral Health

BR brushing rinse

It’s 2016! It’s time to step your oral game up! You know what I mean… Long are the days of toxic toothpaste and mouthwash. I coped this Brushing Rinse at Essential Oxygen. I use to have super sensitive teeth and get canker sores from time to time growing up. Of course since then I’ve switched to organic toothpaste and floss, but this Brushing Rinse is also a great alternative. Best used in the morning before drinking anything as toxins build up in your mouth overnight so it’s best to spit them out first thing in the morning instead of drinking a glass of water which is what I use to do. You swish, brush (with rinse in mouth, I haven’t mastered this technique yet, but that’s what they say to do), then spit not swallow. It’s non-toxic and has some great benefits. My teeth feel strong and healthier so far. Let me how you like it. Coconut oil teeth pulling is may favorite technique, but it’s 2016 and it’s nice to have multiple healthy options.

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